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RE: NEWBIES ENTERING POLITICS! - It's not about Trumps money, it's about something that you wouldn't understand.
RE: NEWBIES ENTERING POLITICS! - I guess that you are more successful than Donald Trump? Where are your Billions?
RE: NEWBIES ENTERING POLITICS! - Donald Trump married 3 times. Files Bankruptcy 4 times. Anyone married 3 times, can't manage his personal life and is a li
RE: To all Wiregrass citizens - I'm just crawling back after three days down with "the crud". I did however manage to stream some old stuff off Amazon today
DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE...coming? really? - http://henrycountyreport.com/blog/2016/02/05/department-of-justice-opening-investigation-into-dothan-police-department/
YESTERDAY WAS "GAR-BAGE" DAY! - Another "Fired" employee comes forward (or someone is searching for them) to blast a City, Police Department, Fire Department
RE: NEWBIES ENTERING POLITICS! - Look before you leap! Sheriff Walker floated in to office quoting scripture and promising change in Winston County, A
RE: To all Wiregrass citizens - A most excellent day, I took a nap.
RE: To all Wiregrass citizens - As there appears to be lots of gloom it's time for something cheerful. Today was a beautiful sunshiny day. My bride and
NEWBIES ENTERING POLITICS! - I am a firm believer in that "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" and all that goes along with that. Had a Friend having a serio

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