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Area to discuss everything politics

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MORE TAXES IN DALE COUNTY - http://www.rickeystokesnews.com//article.php/dale-county-commission-working-toi-save-lives-146554 I see we are getting mor
RE: I want BBQ - I couldn't wait so I went and did it. Friday I traveled over to Morgan, GA. to purchase it - a 34 inch Traeger Pro
RE: I want BBQ - My quest has led me to the Traeger Brand of wood pellet smokers. Anyone here have/use one? I'm hungry for some smoked mea
RE: I want BBQ - Guess I'll have to ride downtown and follow my nose (any idea when they'll open?). Thank you.
RE: I want BBQ - There is one going in downtown Ozark where Shivers used to be. Willie J's is the name I think.
I want BBQ - and now that Larry's is gone I'm Hungry. Is there anyplace in town that can help me, or must I continue to go out out of tow
RE: Big Failure at Oz Burger King - Followup: I decided this was too important to not notify the proper folks, so this morning I went in and asked for the big m
RE: Big Failure at Oz Burger King - Guess I should end this on a positive note. From there I went to DQ, for a chocolate cone (um-umm-good). The young gal wo
Big Failure at Oz Burger King - About an hour or two ago (this evening) I had supper there; the Special Jr Whopper with chicken pieces ($3.99). If anyone kn
RE: Corner of Redmond Rd and Flynn Rd - I don't know BUT... this forum typically deals with the Ozark area; I believe you'd have better luck asking your question "c

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