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Welcome to Wiregrass.com – The website created for locals and visitors to the Wiregrass Area including Dothan, Ozark, Enterprise, Fort Rucker, Troy, Montgomery, and surrounding cities. This site is continually growing and is user driven, so register, log in, and have fun.

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RE: Will it ever stop in Dale County? - Perhaps I should take a note from the devil and attach names/ insults to him, regardless of their merit. How about devil
RE: Will it ever stop in Dale County? - Folks, take note! Wrascal, aka; Gay Caballero #1, Pathological Liar, is not smart enough to blow smoke up anyone's azz! He is
RE: Too late to be useful - today at Dothans camping world is free hot-dogs, 12-2.
RE: Will it ever stop in Dale County? - For those who are just starting on this site, take note of the original poster, Sherry, and "her" words. Guess what folks?
RE: DALE COUNTY, YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU DON'T GET! - This would have made a great story line on Seinfeld, all about Nothing new. Re-elect Sheriff W.O.
RE: I spy - You've told us this a dozen times. Try something new. Re-elect Sheriff W.O.
RE: Will it ever stop in Dale County? - This repetition is worse than tv reruns. Re-elect Sheriff W.O.
RE: Two contenders for Dale Co. Sheriff - More of the same-ole same -ole. Tell us something new. Re-elect Sheriff W.O.
RE: Trump, Sessions, Kelly - The unstable bully is re-hashing the same old stuff. Don't you have anything new to add?
RE: Dale Co. has NO challangers - No convictions? Maybe there's more to the story than what you lead us to believe.

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