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RE: To all Wiregrass citizens - Unpaid service announcement: Federal taxes due today.
Remember this fellow? - This former great Wiregrass.com antagonist is still alive - I had lunch with him today. As he's not been on here in 8-9 year
RE: To all Wiregrass citizens - Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.
RE: TIME FOR CHANGE IN DALE COUNTY POLITICS! - Mr. Watson, We did just like you said, "If it ain't broke don't fix it", Then John White came along and told us how the sys
RE: TIME FOR CHANGE IN DALE COUNTY POLITICS! - Well Mr Hunter, you got your wish, changes in Dale County. From R Stokes website: DALE COUNTY: In the Dale County Commis
RE: TIME FOR CHANGE IN DALE COUNTY POLITICS! - No need to impeach if he's voted out. May the best man win.
RE: April 12 Run off is nearing! - Repeating from Ricky Stokes" http://www.rickeystokesnews.com/article.php/dale-county-voters--please-read--important-about-th
RE: April 12 Run off is nearing! - From Ricky Stokes: http://www.rickeystokesnews.com/article.php/dale-county-voters--please-read--important-about-the-election
RE: April 12th Run-off for District 4 - http://www.rickeystokesnews.com/article.php/dale-county-voters--please-read--important-about-the-election-139450
RE: RUN OFF IN DALE COUNTY DISTRICT 4!! - http://www.rickeystokesnews.com/article.php/dale-county-voters--please-read--important-about-the-election-139450

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