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Last Post 04/28/2008 10:56 AM by  Carolyn_S
Hospital ER complaint
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donna_1958 Veteran Member Veteran Member Posts:222
03/07/2008 11:08 AM

    Ok I spent most of last night sitting in the er with my daughter and her fiance. She went to Flowers and was there by 7 and sat there. They did the prelims and then sent her back out to the waiting room. When she finally got in there it was around 9 -9:30 the doctor came in around 10:15 and sent her for a ct scan and was back in her cubical by 10:30. No one came back in until 12:30 and it was a different doctor than originally. All he told her was that everything was normal and would write her a script for pain. It took another 45 minutes at least for them to come in and check her vitals and give her the script and for her to get checked out. we were finally on our way by 1:20 this morning. Unbelievable. They told her that she had blood in her urine but nothing else, just ruled out that she did not have kidney stones and her blood work was fine and to follow up with her doctor.

    Would have gotten better treatment at Dale Medical

    Carolyn_S Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1363
    03/07/2008 5:19 AM
    you are right; your best bet is always the DMC ER! at samc or flowers you have an AWFUL wait....
    i will tell you and i feel my opinion carries weight since i've worked at all of them. DMC has a fantastic ER and I have been very pleased with the care my family has gotten over there. Chase got so sick with the virus and we spent sunday night over there. Great, appropriate treatment. can't say enough about them!
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    donna_1958 Veteran Member Veteran Member Posts:222
    03/07/2008 5:26 AM
    Carolyn another factor in the decision is that last Friday we had two members enter the hospital. One was our dear Penny who is dying of cancer they took her to DMC and the other was a lady who was transfered by ambulance to Flowers. Penny who went to DMC was in a room almost right away and Linda who went to Flowers never got a room until late Friday evening.
    Destiny Veteran Member Veteran Member Posts:253
    03/07/2008 7:37 AM
    I've been at Flowers Hospital many times and had to wait and wait. I had blood in my urine but the stone wasn't showing up on xray. They sent me home and told me to drink lots of fluid in hope that it would pass. I was back in the emergency room less than 24 hours later. The bad part was all the vomiting I did before they even took me back. When I finally got back there, thank goodness, they gave me some pain medicine. I ended up spending the night and had the "basket" procedure done to get the stone. I have been so lucky not to have another one. That was my 2nd stone in 5 years time. I drink more water now in hopes of keeping the kidneys flushed. The worst thing is having a kidney stone when you are pregnant and having to have a stint put it. That happened to me the first time.
    johnd Advanced Member Advanced Member Posts:160
    03/08/2008 3:41 AM

    We have always had excellent service at the Dale Medical Center ER - when I had a stroke, I couldn't have asked for better or more efficient service!  Any other time we have had to take my wife, Sharon, or the kids there, we were well pleased with the service.

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