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Last Post 09/08/2017 10:06 AM by  RamadiDevil
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RamadiDevil Senior Member Senior Member Posts:899
09/05/2017 7:26 PM
    It has been a long, long fight. I often thought of quitting, but I would go to Herring at the Memorial, walk about 30 feet up the trail and just stand there, and I didn't know why. But, after sleeping, I awoke and realized this mission was my calling.

    Some help on Wiregrass.com, mostly obstrucionists, Food Chain addicts of the system, cover-up artists.

    To Trojan Horse, I was really hard on you, but someone should have been on August 1st, 1999!

    To Wrascal, the Chief Obstructionist on Wiregrass.com and working to be Chief somewhere else. You see Wrascal covering TrojanHorse's ass....it called "Cover" in Law Enforcement. Like Rascal, I really screwed up on not going to the Crime Scene, will you cover for me? Wrascal covers for a Screw Up of master proportions. And, in years past, he did the same thing when I was Hunter 4. Someone told me he was the one who had me banned from the Forum. I'm betting Wrascal is a Law Enforcement Officer, and goes to great length to cover up a lot in the Ozark area. He is the problem, not the solution. HE did everything he could to crush every effort by me and anyone you challenged the corrupt system. Well my friends of Dale County, Ozark, you own him, you feed him!

    To the Men an Women of the Ozark Police Department, I sincerely apologize for what you have had to endure from a bunch of crazy sombitches who attacked your Department. Wilkie Williams, John Caylor, Jon Carroll, etc. As I said under Hunter 4, I had Covert Drug Teams on the Street in those days. I knew there was not a "Cop Club House" $25 million a month Drug Cartel, nor was the a "Cabal" like Williams and Caylor pretended. Tony Spivey was not dating JB or Tracie, there was no secret tapes and quite frankly "Veritas" (Cyrus Curenton) was full of shit! To my old friend Heath, I never gave up on you, I know what is in your heart!

    JB Beasley and Tracie Hawlett were victims of a "Random Murder" by three (3) of Ozark, Alabama's most notorious thugs. One lived in Martin Homes, one lived-(frequented) a two units in Smith Homes. The other stayed at both locations off/on, but lived in Louisville, AL.

    So, it is over for me, I did what I promised a family I would do. Whatever the Attorney General does or fails to do is on him. I really don't have much faith in any of them in Montgomery. They will receive the Who, what, where, when and How, and they still screw it up. But, 48-72 hours after I give them information and they sign a receipt, I will tell the Wiregrass Who, what. where and how they executed, Murdered, sexually (JB) these beautiful young girls.
    trojanhorse Advanced Member Advanced Member Posts:154
    09/05/2017 8:46 PM
    You are absolutely the most absurd human being that walks and breathes. I still don't get it. Why? Were you bullied as a child, tampered with? Got no attention from parents, family, friends? Maybe it's best for you to say farewell. Want to be in the limelight? You have done nothing for anybody but yourself, all about you! Come on captain, the ship is sinking and your the first one that abandons. Very patriotic? FEOE! B****!
    Wrascal Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1749
    09/05/2017 8:59 PM
    devil, I ENCOURAGE YOU to continue. Why? because I don't care who busts the guilty party - I want to see them pronounced guilty and then hung, with no anti-anxiety drugs.

    I go by these girls last spot several times a year, where I usually wind up picking up the street trash - and I always tear up. I never knew any of the family before this but as a parent I greatly feel for them. And in support of them I've attended most (but not all) of their memorials.

    As for your conclusions about me: you are very wrong, and very far off. I've been on this site since before the murders - and if you could go back in time you'd see that I've always been "me". No trolling w/ second/ third IDs.

    Furthermore, because of your wrong assumptions/ conclusions about me - as well as your occasionally stating things that I know to be (wrong or untrue) - I have reason to doubt much of the other stuff you offer; that is why I challenge you to back your claims up. Perhaps some of it is correct, but how am I to know?

    I do not know TJH, nor the person you claim him to be; I neither defend or accuse him. YOU however have indirectly accused him of being (at minimum) a conspirator - I say back it up and bust him, or apologize. Even an unfelt apology if need be, then continue on and bust him, much like Columbo.

    You're the one (RW) that has come on here abusing/ accusing / cussing others of "stuff" - I suspect that's why the admin banned you. I didn't know you were banned - but that has proven to be useless as banned folks simply return under different names. An example: we once had a tow truck operator on here (10-12 years past) that was frequently banned, and he kept coming back. While I agreed he was "out there" I supported his right to post his beliefs. He too drew lots of readers to the site - but as I recall - not a single supporter of his claims.

    In summary: I encourage all folks to post freely; if someone disagrees with what you say that's their prerogative. They should post a civil reason why they disagree - rather than call you an ignorant SOB (that tends to chase people away). If they do attack you then that is their BAD (devil). Of course this type of discussion doesn't draw the same audience as a 'free for all' Jerry Springer type show.

    Wrascal Senior Member Senior Member Posts:1749
    09/05/2017 9:22 PM
    Another example: back around the same time as these murders we had a VenusFlyTrap on here. She drew lots of venom - but also had many followers who felt as she did.

    One big difference was she was considerate, intelligent and could somewhat support her beliefs. In my disagreements I tangled with her often - but never once had to curse at her.
    RamadiDevil Senior Member Senior Member Posts:899
    09/05/2017 9:34 PM
    So Wrascal, I am wrong about you? Really? What is your occupation? and where do you work? Remember this, you are not the Judge in this Forum, no one has to prove anything to you. You just spent most of the above post patting yourself on the back (AGAIN). You are a man with a Master's and a Paper azz. Go away before I pour salt on you and you melt!
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